Some Reasons Why Costs Are Increasing Now

Mowing lawns and maintaining landscapes is a common industry that provides employment for many people in the United States. While the cost of mowing customers’ grass has remained relatively stable in the past, times are changing. Many circumstances such as the increase in fuel prices, a rise in the cost of maintenance, supply issues, and product costs not to mention wages, have increased significantly.


Maintenance costs can be debilitating. The cost to maintain and repair equipment has risen considerably recently. The cost of equipment has seen a significant increase, with many companies now paying nearly double the amount they paid just a few years ago. Additionally, the cost of fuel has been on the rise, increasing fuel expenses to keep their fleet of equipment running.


Moreover, insurance costs have also contributed to the increase in the cost to mow customer’s grass. Companies that operate in this industry have to carry multiple types of insurance. Insurance protects the company and its clients from liability in case of accidents, damage to property, or injury to their employees. These insurance premiums have risen along with the cost of labor and equipment prices, ultimately adding to the cost of operation.

Labor Rates

Another major factor contributing to the increase in the cost of mowing customers’ grass is the rise in labor costs. The cost of labor has been steadily increasing in recent years, with many companies paying their employees significantly more than they did previously. This is due to rising costs of living and the need to provide employees with a living wage.


There are many factors contributing to the increase in the cost to mow grass. The rise in taxes, maintenance costs, fuel prices, labor costs, and insurance premiums are all factors that business owners must address when determining their pricing strategy. It is essential that lawn care companies stay updated and informed on these changes in the industry to remain competitive. Ultimately, there is no choice but to pass these increased costs on to the client in order to maintain a profitable business for the long term.

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